Biological cleaning of Wastewater

BioKube develops, manufactures and sells systems for biological cleaning of sewage water. The treated sewage water can come either from households or from industrial wastewater-typically from agricultural industries like slaughterhouses, diaries or fruit and vegetable factories.


The systems range in size from single household units (1 m3/day) up to systems cleaning 1.500


·        Small Systems

·        Big Systems

·        Mobile Systems

·        The Components

For Oilfield camps, Office buildings & Residential apartments (i.e. 3-1000Persons)


BioKube purifies wastewater using only natures own bacteria; we ad no bacteria to the treatment system. A BioKube is better than comparable systems for the simple reason that every little detail in the system is optimized towards giving the bacteria optimum living conditions. It is quite simple really; the natural bacteria cleaning waste water are like other domestic household animals, the better living conditions they have, the better they will perform.

BioKube products are certified in accordance with CEN Standard 12566-3 and BioKube is legal in all EU countries & in Middle East.

     A new EU standard regarding small wastewater treatment systems has from 1. May 2006 been implemented in all EU countries, see EU Journal C/2005 319/01. From 1. May 2007 the new standard is obligatory in all EU countries and any old national standards can no longer be used.
The CEN standard 12566-3 concerns “Small wastewater treatment systems for up to 50 PT – part 3: packaged and/or site assembled domestic wastewater treatment plants. BioKube wastewater treatment systems are certified in all EU countries, where the required outlet values are above BOD5 < 10 mg/ltr, NH4 < 5 mg/ltr, COD < 75 mg/ltr and P < 1,5 mg/ltr.




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