Solar Turbines

Solar Turbines is a world leading producer of mid-range industrial gas turbines for use in power generation, natural gas compression, and pumping systems. It provides full product support, equipment supply, financing, plus installation and operation and maintenance capability.


Products include six gas turbine product families, Saturn®, Centaur®, Mercury™, Taurus™, Mars®, Titan™, and eight centrifugal gas compressor product families including both pipeline and multi-stage compressors. Gas Turbine Products range from 1-22 MW (1500-20,500hp). Solar also manufactures Turbotronic™ microprocessor-based control systems utilizing PLC technology.


  • Turbomachinery  Systems for Oil and Gas Applications
    • Compressors sets
    • Mechanical Drive packages
    • Generators sets
    • Centrifugal Gas Compressors
  • Gas Turbine Packages for the Oil and Gas Industry   &   Gas Turbine Power Generation Packages 

  • Solar builds complete turbomachinery packages that are ready to go to matter where the job might be worldwide. Solar designs and manufactures gas turbines and packages under various quality systems ensuring the highest reliability.






    Gas Compressor Products

    Solar manufactures a family of 11 centrifugal gas compressors - the most extensive line in the industry. Depending on the model, the compressors have from 1- 12 stages to handle a variety of inlet flows and pressure ratios.





    Energy Service Contracts

    Who - This exclusive service is tailored to organizations who need: 

    • Electricity and heat (process steam, chilling, heating or drying)
      To invest in their business and not in an energy plant
    • Simplicity, predictability and reliability
    • Energy savings 



    What - A lifecycle partnership with Solar Turbines which allows you to focus on your core business. With one simple and clear contract, Solar will become your single source provider for:

    • - Equipment Supply                                             
    • - Engineering
    • - Procurement 
    • - Plant Operations
    • - Maintenance
    • - Financing
    • - Construction


    When - The Energy Service Contract is available right now.


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