Loading Systems

FMC Technologies is the oil and gas industry's leading supplier of fluid loading and transfer systems. Solutions are available for handling a complete range of fluids at ambient, elevated and cryogenic temperatures.


Loading Systems offers customers advanced technology in transfer operations, providing innovating
designs, systems, packages and services to the oil, gas, petrochemical and chemical industries.
Key areas of product expertise are:
· Loading/unloading systems for seagoing tankers,  barges, trucks and railcars
· Skid-mounted loading and measuring systems
· Transfer pigging systems
To meet the growing need for marine ports, FMC
Technologies is delivering marine terminal
· Project management
· Project design engineering
· Procurement
· Manufacturing
· Quality Control and Quality Assurance — High-
Quality ISO 9001
· Supervision of installation and commissioning
· Service and ongoing maintenance
· Financing packages
FMC Technologies has unsurpassed global experience:
· First marine loading arm in the world, 1956
· More than 8000 loading arms installed worldwide
· First LNG loading arms, 1963
· Terminals for LNG carriers with 130,000 cubic meters feature Chiksan arms
· World's largest automated piggable multidirectional manifold system, 1994
· Global network of service facilities




Kuwaiti Buildings, Bld.7, Apt. 4, P.O.Box :15408 Hadda Area, Sana'a - Republic of Yemen

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