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From exploration to delivery, FMC Measurement Solution does it all.
FMC Measurement Solutions, comprising Energy Production and Energy Processing, is a global leader providing solutions for customers engaged in petroleum exploration, production, measurement and transportation. Those solutions include the design, manufacture and supply of technology and equipment .


As world leader in flow measurement and control of petroleum products since 1933, FMC Measurement Solutions has global capabilities with equipment installations in over 140 countries; worldwide sales, manufacturing and support facilities; and products that are compliant with virtually all international codes and standards. From gas and liquid petroleum production and refining to terminal loading rack service and pipeline applications... from time-proven PD, orifice, and turbine meters to leading edge ultrasonic, multiphase and Coriolis flowmeters... FMC Measurement Solutions has the right solution for your custody transfer application.


Products a

Gas MeasurProducts and Systems :


Liquid Measurement Solutions :

     Positive Displacement Meters, Apollo Coriolis Mass Flow and Density Meter, S-Mass Coriolis Mass Flow  

     and Density Meter, Turbine Meters, Load Controllers, Flow Computer and Electronics, Tank Truck

     Products and Systems, Valves and Line Accessories,

Gas Measurement Solutions :

     Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter, Measure master and Orifice master, Orifice fittings, Pipe line Products, Meter Tube, Related products and Orifice fitting parts,

  Integrated Systems :

      Liquid and Gas Measurement Systems, Flow Computers and Metering Control Systems. 



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